Friday, August 29, 2008

The Obligatory Introduction

I used to maintain a half assed film journal in order to just have movie discussions with my film geek/film buff/cinephile friends. This is because I am all of those three things.

I lost interest in that film journal a long time ago.

Lately I have had a couple of friends trying to persuade me into busting out the old one or creating a new one.

I went with the idea of a new one.

I will try to take this one a tad bit more serious.

I'm going to try and write something about every movie I watch as well as something about every book I read. I've also decided to write about the latest thing I am into...comic books...thats right...comic books whenever I finish one.

I will also try to spice things up with some other stuff when it comes to me. Thats if it even comes to me.

Thats about it.

Enjoy. (?)

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