Thursday, October 23, 2008

Flight of the Navigator (1986, Randal Kleiser)

I still have a couple of more write ups to do until I am up to date.  My goal is to be fully up to date with this lousy blog and then just update it with every new thing that I watch/read/do but I still have yet to meet that goal. I hope I am able to do it soon.

Anyways...Flight of the Navigator...

A lot of people hold Flight of the Navigator close to their hearts due to it being a favorite of theirs from when they were kids in the 80s. I sadly did not grow up during the 80s and even though I did end up experiencing a lot from the 80s through my brother (who did grow up during the time) I never really got around to Flight of the Navigator. I remember watching it maybe once as a kid but like a lot of movies that I saw a little kid, I don't remember much except for a scene or two. So, while watching Flight of the Navigator a couple of weeks ago for the "first time" I went into it with no nostalghia factor at play and instead with just an open mind. 

I expected the normal cheesiness (I hate this word by the way) from the film given that it is an 80s kids film and I expected some lame moments but for the most part I just wanted a fun kids flick that I could still find fun and that is pretty much what I got.

Flight of the Navigator is about a kid and a spaceship. I don't want to go into plot details but you can kind of figure out the whole plot by the first sentence. 

Flight of the Navigator is by no means amazing but its a fun and enjoyable movie that is able to capture a sense of wonder and excitement that few kids films are able to nowadays. I wish I could have seen it as a kid but even still seeing it as an adult it still made me smile a couple of times. 

The kid actor playing the lead was kind of annoying though and Paul Reubens was great as the voice of the spaceship. 



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