Friday, October 24, 2008

From Beyond (1986, Stuart Gordon)

I am a gigantic fan of Re-Animator and I have known and been wanting to watch this movie since I was a little kid and saw the above poster on a vhs cover. Why it took me so many years to finally get around to it...I have no idea. 

So, the almost exact same team that brought us Re-Animator team up again and tackle another H.P. Lovecraft film with ocne again plenty amounts of dark comedy,over the top gore, another "big" performance from Jeffrey Combs, and enough effects to keep everyone happy. The result isnt nearly as fun as Re-Animator but it is still a very,very,very fun film.

This time around Jeffrey Combs doesnt play the mad scientist but instead the assistant to the mad scientist who goes mad one night while testing out a machine that opens up holes to another dimension where monsters,creatures, and other weird shit fly out of and make us go mad or die. During that one night the experiment goes wrong and Combs sees his professor become a monster and then disappear. Since no one beleives him he is locked away in a mental asylum until a visiting professor (Barbara Crampton) decides that the only way to really prove if he is crazy or not is to force him to try the experiment again. So, they go off to the house once again and try it out and as you can imagine all hell breaks lose and shit gets crazy. 

The film lasts about 80 minutes and it is all basically right to the point and doesnt waste any time before everything goes crazy. In my opinion this is both a good thing and a bad thing. It makes the film very fun but I also kind of wish that more time would be spent building up its characters before the 40 or so minutes of them running around and fighting weird monsters from another dimension. I know it sounds silly to ask for such a thing from an 80s B horor film but, hey, it worked out Re-Animator and I can only wish the same kind of treatment from the same team.

Still, though, that is really my one and only complaint. Everything in this film is just way too much fun for you to even get mad at it in any way. It's a crazy film, it knows that it's crazy, and it has fun with it all.

Just like any movie starring the man in a big role it's a must watch just to see how awesome/amazing Jeffrey Combs can be. 



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