Friday, October 24, 2008

We're Going to Eat You (1980, Tsui Hark)

Tsui Hark is considered to be one of the greatest directors that China has had in the past 30 or so years. I've heard the word overrated thrown around tons of times when I have seen stuff written about the man but I have never really seen any of his movies except for maybe Knock Off or Double Team when I was a kid and I doubt that those actually count.

So, when I heard about this film and saw a clip of it, I was sold and even became more interested in seeking it out when I found out that Tsui Hark directed it and is his 2nd film. 

The film is also known by another title, Kung Fu Cannibals, and that is really all you need to know to figure out what the plot and story of this film is. A special agent who knows martial arts travels to an island to capture a thief to only find out that the island is made up of cannibals who kill and then eat whoever happens to arrive there. Since he is stuck there (it is an island....) he must defend himself before being eaten. Oh, yeah, and the cannibals all know kung fu and carry around giant machetes with them too.

Yeah, this movie is gold.

The film carries a tounge in cheek "we know this is silly..." attitude which is fun and never takes itself too seriously. The fight choreography is also surprisngly pretty fun and even complicated at times and since there is a fight scene ever couple of minutes this all matters in how fun it can be.

Now having said that...the film is bit too much. There is a bit too much fighting to the point where it kind of seems repetitive and its sillyness is just way too much. I've come to accept and hate these silly moments in these early HK action films by watching early Jackie Chan films and everytime these silly moments come I just cringe. We're Going to Eat You takes its sillyness and slapstick comedy to the breaking point many times over and it just becomes way too annoying.

Anyways, it's a fun film and has a couple of pretty great scenes. Just check out this scene below. 

- B

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