Thursday, September 25, 2008

Citzen Dog (2004, Wisit Sasanatieng)

This film gets a ton of comparisons to Amelie and seems to have been dubbed "The Thai Amelie" by the movie geek community. This is what originally got me interested in checking it out but once I saw some screenshots (more on that later) I was completely sold and checked it out and really is "The Thai Amelie" and I think that is a good thing.

Pod (Mahasamut Boonyaruk) is a simply country boy who one day decides to go live in Bangkok even though his grandmother warned him that he would grow a tail if he would do such a thing. Although he doesn't grow a tail, he does get into one crazy adventure after the other all while he falls in love with Jin (Saengthong Gate-Uthong) who works as a cleaning lady at his new job.

Citizen Dog is a tough film to describe. It's told through a lot of different segments/chapters/stories that deal with Pod or Jin and their various encounters and adventures. When one bit falls flat you don't have to wait so long before the film focuses on another little story and then quickly moves on to another. All of these odd side stories involve everything from a zombie motorcyclist, to a business man who likes to lick everything, to a rain of helmets,to even a mountain made of water bottles. The film never really stops attacking you with its various subplots and side stories through out its short running time. Normally this would be kind of annoying but its all in the films nature and it adds up to why its such a charming and whimsical film.

Now let me post up some screenshots of the film in order for you to see how unique and colorful this film really is. When you combine the film colors and style with its eccentric story, you are bound to have one fun and happy film. It's odd,surreal, and it's silly nature can be a bit too much at times but it is still one very,very,very fun and "cute" film.

I dare you to watch this movie and not find yourself smiling through out it all.

Just look at those colors.


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