Monday, September 29, 2008

Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns) (2002, AJ Schnack)

EDIT: No idea why it posted some videos twice. *Shrugs*

They Might be Giants is really,really,really,really interesting band. They seem like they would be perfect subject for an equally interesting documentary. They are only really two guys (both named John) who have made a name for themselves over the past 25 or so years because of their unique songwriting, their always interesting instrument and musical arrangement choices, and also because of the way that they truly broke out which was all because of an answering machine that played songs when you would call it. Really, just go to wikipedia and read up about them. You may or may not like their music because it really is an acquired taste but you cant deny that they are one interesting and eccentric band.

Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns) is, however, a very messy, disappointing, and frustrating documentary about this great band. It really doesn't know what it wants to be. It spends way too much time giving you information and telling you little stories that are not really as interesting as other key moments in the bands history which are just mentioned a tiny bit, it wants to be a concert film, it wants to be a tour film, it even wants to be a behind the scenes sneak peek on the making of the new album, while it also keeps on wanting to tell you the story and history of the band and what really makes them so special.

Also, my biggest problem with the documentary is that when it keeps cutting back to its concert footage, the concert is filmed with such lifelessness that it makes everything seem super lame. They Might be Giants seem lame, the audience seems lame, the venue seems like a cheap bar also. It's not that any of this is true, it's just filmed in such a lazy manner that it just gives off this huge vibe of lameness.

Anyways...a messy documentary about a interesting and excellent (at least to me) band.


Now enjoy some of my favorite They Might be Giants songs via youtube.

And my absoulute favorite song by theirs. When I first found out what this song was really about, it became one of my top ten favorite songs. I think it perfectly sums up why a lot of people think they are genius. This includes me.

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