Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In Bruges (2008, Martin McDonagh)

In Bruges tells the story of two hit men (Colin Ferrel & Brendan Gleeson) who are hiding out in the Belgium city of Bruges after their recent assignment. Told to wait there they find different ways to pass the time until they are contacted by their boss (a scene stealing Ralph Fiennes) who delivers some shocking news and a new assignment.

Revealing too much about In Bruges is ruining most of the fun of it all. This is truly one of those films that takes you by surprise. You might think you got the film and its style figured out at first but the film offers so many surprises and excellent shifts in tone that you wont know what will happen next. I haven't seen a film balance comedy, melodrama, and action so well since...uh...forever. (?)

Martin McDonagh's debut feature really feels like a breath of fresh air. The confidence that he displays in not only his direction but also in his writing is something to really admire. He has already recieved some comparisons to the Coen Brothers and it is a fitting comparison. I only hope that he has the same kind of longevity as them. .

If you have already heard from friends or have already seen In Bruges as being the most overlooked film this year so far and you have yet to check it out, you should. It will live up to the hype and much more. If you haven't already heard from friends or haven't seen In Bruges being listed as one of the most overlooked films this year then you should still watch it and join its minor, but very vocal, cult following. It deserves more fans and deserves any bit of love that it gets.


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