Monday, September 29, 2008

Snow Angels (2008, David Gordon Green)

David Gordon Green is absolutely one of my favorite directors not only working right now but of all time. If there is one thing that makes certain movies extremely great for me are the small little moments which give the film character. It's these little moments which for me always pushes a great film into a special one. David Gordon Green seems to be a master of these small quiet moments which make his films stand out so much and Snow Angels is without a doubt a perfect example of this. It might also be his 2nd best film to date after All the Real Girls, at least in my opinion.

A young teen (Michael Angarano) in a small suburban town begins to fall in love with a new classmate (Olivia Thirlby) meanwhile his old babysitter and now coworker (Kate Beckinsale) continues to have problems with her ex husband (Sam Rockwell)

I'm going to stop writing about the plot right there. Part of the "charm" of the film is how the story of the film seems to be so loose and non present through out most of it until a certain thing happens about 3/4s of the way through the film which all of sudden makes every little scene and detail of the film take a certain new kind of importance and perspective as the films culminates in one of the most devastating, bleak, and downright depressing final acts I have seen in a long time. Not knowing what the film is really about is spoiling the sudden punch that the film gives you right in the gut. To me, at least, it wouldn't be the same knowing this certain "left turn" in its plot.

In the first paragraph I wrote about how David Gordon Green is a master of creating these small moments which stand out in your mind long after the film is done and Snow Angels is no exception. It's hard to really write about but once you see the film you will know what exactly I am talking about.There are so many tiny little moments between the characters that just make this film so unique and makes it feel so real that when the final 20 or so minutes come you truly realize how much you really care for all of these characters and what happens to them.

I really have no idea what else to write and I feel that I did not do the film justice at all either. I just want someone I know to watch it so that we can then both begin to talk about how amazing it was but until that day comes I have to hold in my huge love and appreciation for the film inside and just give a little bit of a hint of it when I recommend it to people.

I should also mention that it will be a true shame when the film is completely overlooked come awards season. Sam Rockwell delivers what might be his best performance to date (and that's saying a lot) and everyone and everything is just down right perfect.

Just watch the film and let it wreck your shit. Really.


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