Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World by Bryan Lee O'Malley

I'm actually surprised that Scott Pilgrim has stayed somewhat underground and is still considered a cult favorite. I fully expect that as the film adaptation comes closer that it will slowly emerge into the mainstream where it will then be adopted by the trendy crowd. I can see the shirts now. I also want to buy one of these shirts.

I like to describe Scott Pilgrim as "Video Games + The "indie" Movement + Wes Anderson + Anime" I'm sure I am missing one other word that belongs in that equation but to me all of those things summed up best describe the inspired insanity that is Scott Pilgrim .

Now, for those that don't know Scott Pilgrim and the 4 books that are out right now explore the issues of a socially awkward 23 year old named Scott Pilgrim who upon meeting and falling in love with the new girl in town named Romona flowers finds out that in order to date her he must defeat her 7 evil ex boyfriends in fights that are straight out of Street Fighter 2 . Characters defy gravity during fights, random objects are used as weapons, and when a character is defeated he leaves behind gold coins or an object.

It might sound stupid and it definitely has a whole "wtf" vibe to it all but Bryan Lee O'Malleys makes it work perfectly and creates one of the most entertaining, creative, and often times hilarious things that I have ever read. I hardly ever laugh while reading something and Scott Pilgrim is constantly able to bring out this emotion in me.

Really, just check it out if you can or check it out when its huge in about an year. I just want more people to check it out.

The movie is now my most anticipated thing at the moment. If its even able to capture only half of the greatness of these graphic novels then we are in story for something truly special.

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