Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Pope of Greenwich Village (1984, Stuart Rosenberg)

This has to be without a doubt one of the biggest disappointments that I have ever experienced during my years of watching movies.

I am a big fan of early Eric Roberts. His performance in Star 80 is in my top ten favorite performances ever. I am also a big fan of early Mickey Rourke and especially his work in Angel Heart. So, the thought of these two actors when they were young and in their prime teaming up to do a little crime/heist film seemed like a perfect idea for a great rental.

The problem is that I got way,way,way too much of what i was hoping for. I was hoping for some excellent performances from Rourke and Roberts and at first it seemed like I would be getting just that. The excellent performances only lasts for about 20 minutes though before the two just begin to overacting to the extreme. Shouting, punching walls, crying while shouting and punching a wall. It is all here and it is cringe worthy bad.

As for the plot? Rourke and Roberts play two small time crooks who after various get rich quick schemes only make them poorer decide to pull off a small heist. Everything that can go bad does and the friendship between Rourke and Roberts is tested as they both try to survive while being chased down by the local mafia that they stole from.

As good as the story might be (which it isn't) the overdose of overacting just absolutely kills everything the movie has going for it. Either way the films storyline is frustrating as well since t goes by at a snails pace while the film keeps getting distracted by little subplots which are supposed to enhance the characters but instead just gives the actors some more time to overact. If all this wasn't enough the characters themselves are just annoying because of just how amazing stupid they are. Plus, the constant shouting and crying just gets to your nerves.

Really, other than Daryl Hannah producing some eye candy, the film doesn't have much going for it all.


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